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PED HSD Press Release P-EBT Update

Good News!

Below is the link to the Press Release regarding the P-EBT program that The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) and the Human Services Division (HSD)  has collaboratively worked hard with the United States of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS).   We received approximately $97 million dollars for over 245,000 students. We are working on collaborations with HSD and Superintendents to get this information out quickly to families across New Mexico.

In summary, free and reduced eligible families need to know the following:

  • Families currently on SNAP benefits will see additional funds on their current EBT account by the end of the month. HSD will disburse these funds. 
  • Families of students that were receiving free and reduced lunch or attend a Community Eligibility School (CEP)  or Provision 2 school where all students eat free, will receive a P-EBT benefit card in the mail. HSD will mail the P-EBT cards to the student addresses reported to PED via STARS in early June.  
  • Families who’s income has changed due to Covid-19 can reach out to School Food Authorities (SFAS) to fill out a new application to see if they can qualify for free and reduced meals which would allow them to get P-EBT until June 19, 2020 from the date of the household application certification. This process is only applicable to SFA’s and school sites that receive student applications (Standard school sites only). CEP and P2 school sites do not have to do this. Please certify these applications and get the data from the household application in the excel format that is attached and email it to [email protected] and [email protected]. PED will ensure to get the data to HSD to get families P-EBT benefits. We don’t anticipate SFA’s will get many applications. Sometimes, the data from your application software systems will pull the data in different formats or this is completed by a manual process. If you can get the data in the attached format to us by Friday of each week and have most fields filled out, that would be extremely helpful. Most of the data points are in the household application templates you currently use. We will ensure to get the data to HSD so families can utilize these supplemental P-EBT funds. We are aware of the extra work this may cause and you already all are working really hard. Please try and help these families if possible. You only have to collect applications if you receive them until June 15, 2020 if applicable.  
  • Districts and school sites still need to serve meals until the end of their scheduled school year and do their best to serve meals in the summer via SSO or SFSP.  All students and children can currently still pick up breakfast and lunch meals offered.

Thank you all for hard work. I have gone to a couple of sites and the meals you are serving are great and families really appreciate the hard work. This has been a long haul for us all but, well worth it. Thank you and I hope you are well and safe.