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President's Message

A Message from our President

My name is Rachel Rogers, and I am the Food Service Director of the Mora Independent School District. Beyond my role in Mora, I am excited to share that I currently hold the position of President at the New Mexico School Nutrition Association (NMSNA).
Rachel Rogers, FSD Mora ISD


Having been involved in school nutrition for thirteen years, my passion for ensuring the well-being of students through healthy and nutritious meals has only grown stronger. In my capacity as the Food Service Director at Mora Independent School District, I am committed to implementing innovative and sustainable approaches to enhance the nutritional standards of our school meals.

As the President of NMSNA, I am privileged to work alongside dedicated professionals who share a common goal of making a positive impact on the lives of students through nutrition. Together, we strive to create a supportive network that encourages collaboration, best practices, and continuous improvement in the field of school nutrition.

I am eager to connect with each of you, fellow members of the school nutrition community, as we share insights, experiences, and ideas to elevate our collective efforts. Whether through addressing challenges, celebrating successes, or exploring new opportunities, I believe that our collaboration can contribute significantly to the well-being and academic success of the students we serve.

I look forward to the opportunity to engage with you, learn from your experiences, and contribute to the ongoing growth and success of school nutrition in our state.

Rachel Rogers
Food Service Director Mora Independent School District
President, New Mexico School Nutrition Association (NMSNA)