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President's Message

A Message from our President

Janet Sanchez

Dear Members of our great state of NM:
This is not the welcoming letter I had hoped to be writing to begin our 20-21 school year. Instead of celebrating a great successful training and exhibit show at our Annual State Conference, recognizing the hard work and successes our super heroes and everything each one of you all had achieved this year, I write this with a heavy heart, knowing each one of us has been working harder than ever trying to keep up with the impact of this pandemic.  The NMSNA’s top priority is the health and safety of our members and staff.

I hope you’ve heard it a million times, but I’d like to say it once more.  THANK YOU to all of our members, our School Nutrition Professionals and industry partners for being so faithful and hard-working during this challenging time. It is so reassuring to see every individual in our profession stepping up and making sure all the kids are fed and not going hungry.  Ironically my conference theme for June of 2020 hit it right on the head, knowing we needed to CELERYbrate or SoUPER HEROES.  I wish we could have Celebrated with all of you, our Super Heroes!

We are all trying to find ways to keep doing what we do best in our districts and will continue finding new ways to reach out to you, our most important part of our association,  to provide training, ideas and any support you might need.

Our Executive Board Members have continued to have conference calls to make timely and important decisions for the direction of NMSNA during this time. Knowing that many child nutrition departments and districts along with industry partners are also being hit financially hard, we had to make the difficult decision of cancelling our conference.  Our conversations with the NMSNA Executive Committee will continue as together we will figure out what our next steps must be to continue reaching out to our membership.  

The NMSNA new board members have begun their terms. We look forward to celebrating with them in person at a later date. We are here for each other and only a phone call or Zoom session away. Distancing ourselves physically does not mean we should distance ourselves from friends, family, networking partners, and coworkers and conversation and virtual meetings will be a great time for us to look back and look to the future to share our stories, and celebrate our successes in how we handled the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the state. We must all continue to move this association to a great place and provide opportunities for members to handle any issue that is thrown their way!

Remember, as NMSNA continues to grow and progress, you are needed. Your voice is needed. I love the quote by Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, who said, "There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer."  And let’s not forget Superman’s quote:
"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." – Superman

Best wishes for your safety and health

Janet Sanchez
NMSNA 20-21 President

Editor’s note:  Janet has worked for the BCS District since 1992.  Finding her passion in Student Nutrition she became a member shortly after she was hired.  She’s held several positions in her local and in the State Association.  Janet was awarded the award of Director of the Year last year with SNA.  She has instrumental in helping her district win the Grand Championship for the World’s Largest Matanza 5 years in a row.  Always a phone call or email away.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.  [email protected]