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New Mexico School Nutrition Association


Well-nourished students prepared for success.


Educating and empowering members to provide healthy meals to foster an environment where children achieve overall wellness and lifelong success.


The New Mexico School Nutrition Association (NMSNA) is a state affiliate of the School Nutrition Association and is a professional organization for all levels of school food service employees. The NMSNA was established to provide resources that enhance and promote non-profit child nutrition programs for the benefit of our New Mexico children.

The NMSNA is committed to providing leadership assistance, nutritional information, and program guidance to all school food authorities in developing effective and comprehensive nutrition services. This web site is a vital resource of information for both NMSNA members and non-members.

You can become a member of this website by logging in as a new member.  This will ensure you will get updates and information as it is posted.  You can also blog with your fellow members, submit photos,  and request information just to name a few of the features and benefits.

Eat more fruits and vegetables!

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The NMSNA board has made important changes to the bylaws. A membership meeting to vote on the adoption of the proposed amended bylaws will take place during the third general session of the NMSNA conference, June 2016. 

The proposed changes to be voted on can be found in the link below.  The document ‘Revisions to bylaws 2015’ shows the proposed changes, blue is what will be taken out and red is what will be added. 

Revisions to Bylaws 2015